Recycling Around the Farm

One of the best things about living along a sparsely traveled, country road is the seclusion.  However, with this seclusion comes the opportunity for illegal dumping.  Over the last few years we have had a few old tires thrown out on our farm in areas not visible from the house.

While the DEP has been good about picking them up when called, Justin came up with a great little DIY up-cycling project for a few of them.  On one end of our garden is a slope which too steep for the tractor to till.  His idea was to use some of these cast off tires as raised beds there.

He started by arranging the tires to give plants plenty of space to spread out and marked the outlines on the grass.  With a shovel he removed the sod and placed it to the side.  Where the center of the tire would sit he dug down several inches and added some sandy soil from the creek bank to allow for drainage.

Then placing the tire on the flat, sod-free surface, he filled the inside ring of the tire with dirt.  After depositing some seeds and seedlings inside, it was just a waiting game.

Fast-forward two months and the tire beds are overflowing with healthy, happy squash plants.  Cucumbers and cantaloupes are also coming along nicely.

This idea has allowed us to accomplish a few things:

-Utilize tires which would have otherwise ended up in a land fill

-Take advantage of a hilly section of our property

-Save space in our garden for vertical growth plants

At some point I wanna paint the tires some bright colors to add beauty to the garden.

Considering my love for all things junk, I'm sure this will be just one of many ways we will be able to use cast off items to add to the function of our fledgling farm.  I encourage you to be on the lookout for projects that give you the opportunity to breathe new life into old materials.