For the love of goats

 Last spring, after spending countless hours hanging welded wire fence on an overgrown hillside, we brought home our first two baby goats. I found them in a farmer facebook group and picked them up the next day just a few miles away.  We bottle raised them and they followed us around like overgrown puppies.

When they were small, a large doghouse was sufficient housing for them, but we knew the days were numbered on that arrangement.  We began looking at economical ways to build a goat barn. Luckily for us some friends had just replaced their deck and needed the old decking hauled off.  This proved to be a perfect solution and would account for about 75% of the wood needed to build our little goat barn.

I'm blessed to have a husband who (almost without complaint)  was willing to give up many hours to construct a goat barn so his wife could raise goats.  

Once the walls were up, I used black, interlocking foam gym tiles as insulation.  I cut them to fit, then nailed them to inside of the walls with roofing nails.

On top of the decking floor, I glued a sheet of vinyl flooring down and put pine/cedar shavings on top of that.  I figured that should help delay any premature rotting.  For the door, Justin made a "people size" door from OSB and then framed in a smaller hole to give the goats access but still keep in as much warmth as possible in colder months.

The finished product turned out super cute!  Complete with a window I picked up at a garage sale and matching shutters made from discarded wood scraps.